Conference Archive of the Society for Terrorism Research


3rd Annual Postgraduate Conference
Future Trends in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Swansea University
8 June, 2018
Final programme PG Conference Swansea

12th Annual International Conference
Trauma, Cohesion and Security: Ongoing and Emerging Themes on Political Violence and Terrorism
Thursday 6th – Friday 7th September 2018
Liverpool John Moores University
STR Conference Final LJMU Programme 2018



2nd Postgraduate Conference
Current Themes in the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence
Ulster University, Belfast Campus
June 9, 2017
2017 Conference Program (PDF)

11th Annual STR International Conference
Emerging Threats and Trends in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
New York City, New York, USA
August 14-15, 2017
2017 Conference Program (PDF)
2017 Conference Abstracts (PDF)


Inaugural Postgraduate Conference
Emerging Developments in the Study of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
June 7, 2016
2016 Conference Program (PDF)

10th International Annual Conference
Counter-Terrorism Research & Practice: Addressing Key Societal Challenges
The Hague, The Netherlands
November 7-8, 2016
2016 Conference Program (PDF)


9th Annual STR International Conference
Contentious and Contemporary Issues in the Study of Terrorism
Birmingham, England
September 10-11, 2015
2015 Conference Program (PDF)
2015 Conference Abstracts (PDF)



8th Annual STR International Conference
Communication and Collaboration for Counter-Terrorism
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
September 17-19, 2014
2014 Conference Program (PDF)



7th Annual STR International Conference
Ongoing and Emerging Debates in Terrorism Research
London, England
June 27-28, 2013
2013 Conference Program (PDF)



6th Annual CICA/STR International Conference
Terrorism and Aggression: Towards Increased Freedom and Security
Burgas, Bulgaria, on the Black Sea
September 8-11, 2012
2012 Conference Program (PDF)



5th Annual CICA/STR International Conference
Contemporary Issues on Aggression, Violence, and Terrorism: Global to Local Perspectives
University of California, Irvine
September 7-9, 2011
2011 Conference Program (PDF)



4th Annual CICA/STR International Conference
Aggression, Political Violence and Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary Approach for a Peaceful Society
Cartagena, Columbia
November 18-20, 2010
2010 Conference Program (PDF)



3rd Annual CICA/STR International Conference
Political Violence and Collective Aggression: Considering the Past, Imagining the Future
University of Ulster Jordanstown, Belfast, Northern Ireland
September 2-5, 2009
2009 Conference Program (PDF)



2nd Annual CICA/STR International Conference
Aggression, Terrorism, and Human Rights
Zakopane, Poland
July 15-18, 2008
2008 Conference Program (PDF)



1st CICA/STR International Conference
Interdisciplinary Analyses of Aggression and Terrorism
Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid, Spain
September 27-30, 2007
2007 Conference Program (PDF)