1. The Conference Registration form constitutes a legally binding agreement.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the conference details, payment in full must be received no later than 3 days before the date that the conference begins. In the event that full payment is not received by then the delegate may be refused entry to the conference. Any part payment made where full payment has not been received by 3 days before the date that the conference begins, may be subject to a 10% handling charge if a refund is claimed.
    • A list of registration fees can be found on the conference website. The fees published there are final. Any fees diverging from the values given here are invalid.
  3. Any delegate wishing to cancel their registration must notify the organizers in writing by letter or email, not less than 14 days before the date that the conference begins.
    • In the event that a delegate gives such proper notice of withdrawal before August 27, 2015, the delegate will receive a 100% refund of any conference fees less a £25 handling charge.
    • If the cancellation is announced before September 10, 2015, the delegate will receive a 50% refund of any conference fees paid, less a £25 handling charge.
    • In the event that a delegate wishes to withdraw after the proper notice period has passed (after September 10, 2015) any refund will be at the discretion of the organizers and if given will be subject to a £25 handling charge.
    • Non-arrivals are liable for the full fee.
  4. Registration entitles the named delegate to attend the conference as outlined on the 2015 conference website. Delegate places are not transferable without the agreement of the organizers for which reasonable prior notice must be given. A proposed substitution will not be unreasonably refused.
  5. Proof of status is required for all delegates claiming a preferential rate. They may be refused entry to the conference if they are unable to provide this when asked for.
  6. Proof of identity may be requested of all conference attendees.
  7. The conference organizers will endeavor to deliver the conference as advertised, but reserve the right to vary the program, speakers, venue, order of events or other detail of the conference at their discretion.
  8. The conference organizers will not be liable for anything other than the refund of fees paid in the event that the conference is cancelled for whatever reason.
  9. Any major changes to the conference plans occurring less than 5 working days before the date that the conference begins will be notified to the delegates by email. Any major changes prior to that date and any other changes will be deemed to have been notified to the delegates if placed on the conference web site.
  10. Where major or significant changes occur shortly before the conference date, the organizers will endeavor to take reasonable steps to notify the delegates using the contact details supplied by them. However, any such changes and any other changes will be deemed to have been sufficiently notified to the delegates if placed on the conference web site. The onus remains on the delegates to check for updated information at all times.
  11. The conference organizers will endeavor to provide for any special needs notified to them in advance by, or on behalf of any of the attendees, where reasonable notice is given.
  12. The conference organizers are not responsible for the non-arrival of any confirmations, documents or other materials. Prospective attendees and registered delegates should contact the organizers immediately if they have any queries about the communications, or where applicable deliveries, concerning this conference.
  13. No recording, videoing or photographing of the conference proceedings by any means is permitted without prior agreement in writing from the conference organizers and any recording, video or photographs made without such permission shall be deemed to be the property of the organizers. This shall not be interpreted as preventing delegates from making reasonable records of the conference and their participation in it for academic, business and social reference, but any publication of such materials other than for the purposes of providing feedback to their employers or sharing knowledge with colleagues, shall be covered.
  14. The personal information supplied in connection with this booking will be held by the conference organizers as a record of attendees and parties expressing interest. By registering for this conference the parties concerned are agreeing that the conference organizers may use that personal information to contact them by email, direct mail, telephone or fax, in order to supply information relevant to this conference, or about other conferences, events and opportunities that the organizers are planning and feel may be of interest to them. These details will not be passed to a third party. If you do not want your details to be used in this way please contact the organizers by letter or email to confirm this.
  15. If one or more of these conditions should be or become invalid, the remaining conditions will continue to be valid and apply.